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catatan-catatan kecil dalam perjalanan kehidupan
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Tidak semua permainan harus kau menangi. Berlapang dadalah senantiasa. Sukses tetaplah nama belakangmu.
Phara Sotya Satria dalam Monik

He gets nothing,
he won’t be richer,
he won’t appear on tv,
still anonymous,
and not a bit more famous.

What he does receives are emotions,
he witnesses of happiness.
Reaches a deeper understanding,
feels the love,
receives what money can’t buy.
A world made more beautiful.

And in your life?

What is it that you desire most?

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Worry less, smile more.

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If Allah presents you with knowledge, then present Him with worship, and do not let your only concern be to narrate it to the people.
Abu Qilabah (d. 104H) rahimahullah. Related by al-Khaattib in Iqtida’ul-‘Ilmil-‘Aml 37